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Paper Submission

    Contributors are required to submit the electronic copies of paper in word document format in which the statistic tables and figures also should be provided in an excel format file in case of modification. The referential sources for all data in tables and figures are necessary. And we prefer an additional version of hardcopy along with the electronic contribution to the following address:

Editing Office for China Economic Journal
China Center for Economic Research
Peking University
Beijing, 100871, China

    The journal welcomes contributions from researchers who specialize in Chinese economy. The submitted paper may be either in English or Chinese.

    Submission of a paper to this journal will be taken to imply that it represents original research that has not been previously published in journals, chapters of book or in any other formal ways in any language: neither is it being considered elsewhere in the same or closely similar form without the consent of the Editor. Occasionally, subject to the judgment of the Editor, the author(s) of high quality research recently published in Chinese may be solicited to submit a paper based on the research but with due revision to take into account the aims and scope of this journal.

    The hardcopy submission should be printed on one side only, with ample margins, and should include a cover page with the thesis title, contributor's/contributors' name(s) as well as their affiliations if they prefer. The full postal and email address of the author who will check proofs and receive correspondence is also necessary. An abstract of 100–150 words as well as a list of 3-4 keywords are required for all contributions. And Journal of Economic Literature (JEL) classification number(s) should be provided. Authors are encouraged to set the textual construction on a maximum of three levels, with the title as the heading on the first level. Specific format guideline.